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Thursday, January 8, 2015

stock market strategies for beginner traders for reducing risk

                    Stock market strategy for trading shares 

stock market strategy implementation for beginners
stock market strategy for beginners for trading shares

                            stock market strategy for traders and investors

stock market strategy become powerful planner to trade shares and most of the cases it gives maximum results while trading shares in the market but execution is important because most of the people will not get any more results even if they try many of number of times eventually they get frequent losses in the market but only one who fallow some strategic steps and analysis for every trade they do before trading the shares in the market.

Now a days technology improved lot and number of experts giving their suggestions through by online platform and offline platform and tonnes of material available from different sources either it may be internet or bunch of books available  so but only a few people are following and I came across different situations in  different trading sessions because some trades gives profits and some trades gives losses but we need to try to learn from the mistakes where we are missing from all aspects so that we can do it further in better way.

Most of the trades get confused by implementing the same trading strategy for different nature of investments so it won't give many results when you do such kind of things, people like to pick many techniques when they want to trade in the market but they don't know what it works and what doesn't work so they need to be careful while choosing certain techniques because most of the techniques are good but only a few techniques really work to make money through online, we need to engage certain stock market techniques in order to gain good results.

                          Do you follow stock broker advice?

Most of the time stockbrokers can't analyze the situation from the trading wing because they may involve different investment channels hence they don't have enough time to do a special research or report on specific script so we need to analyze or it is not possible you can hire any professional for investment ideas for either it may be long term or short term and even for day trading.

It's not bad to hire and spend money because instead of losing huge money even it's better to spend a few dollars in order to gain decent earnings so that you can enhance your profits some extent levels.

you don't need to be expert on trading but need to think smart while investing even if you don't have investment knowledge, not a matter, approaching and taking smart decisions on time is very much needed in the stock market.

a few of the successful traders do and follow simple techniques but the majority of the investors think that they fallow great techniques but practically it is not like that, for example, I want to give an example for that,they know better than anyone else when to enter in the market and when to exit from the market

they know how to keep stop losses and where to book losses

they don't bother about the market and even they know better than anyone else why market falls and a possibility of recovery from the market.

they measure quantity  needed to be traded while they trade in the market they book looses even if it is necessary

fundamental and technical reports need to study to take better decisions on investment


for Beginners they don't need to go through all investment books and channels but they need to acquire some basic and simple principles and guidelines need to fallow to get results, because these guidelines really works for every investors they will be more satisfy even if they book looses

  •  If knowingly lost any money then you don't get disappoint so accept mistake and learn from the mistakes

  • if unknowingly lost money then you really need to worry and manage your money in good way.

                         stock market strategy for traders and investors

the above two things which i strongly fallow and learned so many things from the mistakes, mistakes are quite common now a days because no one can't get 100% trading result.
few of the websites provide scope to check your portfolio every time so it's doesn't cost any more even you don't want invest money but i strongly recommend free signup any financial  planner portal and do some experiments while before doing real investment , it gives more knowledge and you improve skills in decision making and you get sufficient experience and you can minimize further looses any more.
for free sign up

    Stock market investments are subject to market risk. 


  1. All of stock market strategies fascinate me very much, for now it sounds mysterious to me, but I would like to learn more about it!
    Have a nice week!
    Mona Bednarska

  2. if anyone pick right strategy at right time there is potential possibilities to make money and it's all about fundamental and technical analysis.


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