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Friday, August 16, 2019

Top Two Major Sources for Promoting your Blog

The social media resources for promoting blog and you can generate more traffic. most of the bloggers having web traffic problem, we are trying to explain it in a different and unique way.

   Top  two major sources for promoting the blog

more blog sources for promoting the blog
ways to promote blog

                         1) On-page SEO

                         2) off-page SEO includes here is the list 

                                  through social networking websites
                          sharing with friends
                         other forums
                          concept related websites
                          back links to other sites
                          through blog commenting

Why we need to update articles for generate organic traffic

"Regular updates will maximize quality of your article" it's required to update all articles in order to generate more traffic.           significance of modifying blog Articles

article update and modification is essential for bloggers to rank in google
article modification is most essential to bring traffic 


  Most of the bloggers miss regular modification for their blog posts but only few bloggers give preference for regular modification and they get various benefits listed below.

                                    Essential Steps for modifying blog Articles 

  1)  they enhance the quality related concept/topic
  2). They can generate more traffic
   3)  more users like their content 
  4) there are more chances to generate more traffic by subscribing your articles. 

Best Upwork hiring tips for newbie freelancers

    "It's about how freelancers co-ordinate with clients and how they need to develop their skills for getting different projects on their accounts".   best upwork hiring tips is always important for newbie freelancers in the digital world.  

                                               upwork really works for freelancers and clients   
freelancer jobs available at upwork
upwork freelancing job 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

How Top Organizations Follow their Own Styles


organization refers a group of people work to achieve common goal of an organization. they are so many types of organizations 1. Line organization  (military organization) 2. Line & staff organization 3. Matrix organization (project organization) 4. geographical organization 5. functional organization 6. product organization 7.cellular organization 8. chain organization 9. pyramid organization

              every organization like to be different from other organization so modern methods and techniques are involved to find out  relevant organization which  suits to them 

how to identify your skills for getting best task result

                                 identify your variety skills

Identify your skills is the key for success because every one has different skills but most of the situations people can:t recognize their skills, people always search more number of jobs not based upon their interests and passions but they will apply different jobs then it leads to dissatisfaction.
identifying variety of skills
Identifying variety of skills 

                   1) one need to have keen concentration their interests and activities
                   2) identifying major activities and preferences.
                   3) contributing more time on relevant concepts
                   4) try to adopt such a new things in the market on related concepts
                   5) try to execute such a different things on related concepts
                   6) checking the abilities and weak areas
                   7) need to do some modifications
                   8) achieving the destination
                   9) accomplishing new things on related concepts and spending time on research
                 10) way for innovations and creation will be started
                 11) identifying skills leads to better task outcome

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

How we can promote our blog with Social Networking sites

   SOCIAL NETWORK PROMOTION blog is an amazing Art

Promoting is the blog is the best way but need engage certain things to get identify your blog, social networking and Search engine optimization is the best way to promote your blog. it's not only possible through the methods you promote

blog promotion
share and promote your blog through social network sites

                         compare below things when you're posting an article
                                         how far you design your blog?

                how effectively your writing long content and quality content?

                   how you're providing valuable information to your visitors?

                    how your content useful with different dimensions?

                                             what your updating?

                 sources your providing for further reference?

                 whether information can easily understandable?

         the way of presentation? example using charts, images, links, example etc. 

Monday, August 5, 2019

How social network users build traffic to your website

 social network users link to your website through your amazing content. 

     social network groups works for your website

       Social groups has huge impact on your blog or any website because it can takes you to connect many number of people and builds strong relations on network so that your web audience can increase randomly.
but managing we need to do certain things.
social networking sites web traffic
social networking sites website traffic

qualities require to build a better blog or  any website
                      1) contribute your time to prepare a long content
                      2) keep on update posts to bring maximum quality
                      3) keep on building groups on social networking 
                       4) don't forget to share your blog
                       5)  creating own content is the best policy 
                       6) understanding about what people required on your content?
                        7) focusing on specific topic 
                       8) try to spend limited time for  remaining topics 
                       9) always update yourself in the market
                       10) gazing whether it is research article,general article and review article and maintain certain standards.

                       11) managing the all social networking websites and selecting best social networking where you can connect number of people every day hence your traffic can grow randomly.
                      12) Understanding and estimating readers mind set
                       14)  updating your blog and active participation on your social networking sites and give your time for other bloggers to comment and respond their blog problems  so people like to connect when you hear their problems then they will like to join their network because you have been identified by them.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Top equity share trading tips for new investors and traders

                   Top equity share trading tips for the new investors and traders will get beneficial information on this article.       

                               are equity shares high risky?

equity shares riskier but unless you don't design good portfolio because only diversification of your investment can minimize risk and gives additional protection on your investment, most of the time chances to gain profits either
                           a) Day Trading
                           b) Short Term Trading
                           c) Long term trading 
equity shares are risky in nature but right analysis needed
Equity Shares Growth

            equations are needed to fallow everyone before doing investment

       1)   If you take high risk = high profits/ or high loss, security on investment is low
  2)   low risk  = low profits/ or low loss, security on investment is high

  in the above you can clearly understand how investor need to approach while doing investment so options many but  buying right stock at right and at time of course and if the person who takes the highest risk then profits/losses will be high  and security remains low but in situation two entirely different the person who takes the lowest risk then low profits/low loss will be generated and security remains high. 

                      clear direction on equity shares 

                  you can clearly understand how risks can generate profits in different levels at the same time we need to remember diversification of investment is very essential on equity segment. here listed things need to fallow every investor.

1) Choosing the right script:       

 in the stock market where the number of companies are listed on different stock exchanges and the number of advisers likes to give suggestions on your investment but one need to spend minimum time for doing self-verification for choosing the right stock at right time and right situation. 
   note:          under equity segment trading Group A and B shares are very important in order to minimize the risk  because there will be number of buyers and sellers on that counter so you can take price advantage for booking profits in short time.

2) Prepare to  invite risk:   

      One need to understand on stock market that always not possible to gain profits some times you need to book looses too so preparing risk you take on every investment on every trade do on stock market. 

3) Design nice portfolio: 

      always one need diversify your investment on various sectors and select preferring nice stocks from the different sectors here you can minimize the risk and chances to maximize the profits. 

4) Evaluation of your stocks:  

most of the time you spend to evaluate the performance on your stocks the more you gain from stock market because regular evaluation need to be done by investor in order to make success at least spend time every 3 three months once will be better for long term investors. 

5) Book your profits:  

booking the profits around 18% is idle on stock market even if your expecting more then your inviting trouble on your side and if your looking forward long term investment then you can do further research where up to takes support on stock.

6) Stop loss: 

 stop loss is very important that because limiting looses at one level but many experts put different stop losses according how they accept the risks.

7) fundamental analysis:  

fundamental analysis is very necessary on trading shares because it involves basic reports from company  profile,details,income statements and position statements etc.

8) Technical analysis:  

Technical analysis where you can do research where stock takes support and resistance levels and how it will behave next coming days stock market so price movements can gazed easily on stock market.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Are you investor or trader

Investment point of view it is always necessary to think about whether you are going for investment or trading because it's always necessary to gain a better return on investment.

deciding the nature of investment either investor or trader
investor and trader role on stock market 

A trader is having a different set of goals.
An investor is having a different set of goals.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Comparing your job performance every day

    compare and analyze your job performance every day

Every person like to work by doing different tasks in our day to day schedule and most of the time is a routine process but often it takes some changes in the job description. It always needs to understand a few things which you can measure, analyze, compare your job performance further growth. 
everyday compare and analyze job performance
good job

          Important points which we need to remember while comparing job performance 
                                  Generally, people prefer a job on two basis 

                                           1) Full time job 
                                           2) Part time job 

          1) Full-time job:

                                     The full-time job takes up to 8 hrs,9 hrs and even 12 hrs people like to work on regular tasks with routine bases so generally most of the people get sufficient training in when you they have recruited newly by an organization but most of the people make common mistakes are
                they will not love their profession
              they will  not show any more interest further learning
              they  don't want them to adopt new techniques 
                 they don't want to fallow any other people 
             not having proper objective missing all missions on their job.

 most of the people not serious about their jobs and most of the people thinks that need to work fixed schedule from morning to evening or other schedule timings but majority of the companies like to prefer contribution of the employee towards the work rather than calculating time and most of the companies like to track the record of the employee so how effectively the employee involving towards work and how employee delivering the quality of work, even if you work 4 hours by giving high quality and achieved your day target then employer permits to give either high incentives or flexibility to go home after 4 hours.

 But only a few of the companies have strict guidelines to work in a fixed schedule but you can gain additional incentives from your work, it's a good thing when any worker or employee enhance his/her performance every day,week, month and year the employee certainly see good growth in organization, employee can easily be identified by the employer.

2) Part-time jobs

     part-time jobs are mostly calculated with working hours or few days in a week, month so generally on part-time jobs are task oriented so each task carries certain responsibilities and duties need to be full-filled by an individual worker or employee. Every part-time job offers some remuneration for an individual worker and employee.


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