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Monday, May 11, 2015

Intra-day trading plan in stock market to check entry and exist levels

check your entry and exist plan and strategy while doing intra-day trading time zone.

common things need to compare while buying/trading shares in stock market 

comparing the shares in stock market
comparing shares in stock market 

                                   Why do Compare while buying/trading shares

Every investor must now minimum things before buying shares and it's all depending upon the investor's strategy and plans execute before placing an order, maximum investors lose their money not using simple things to verify and in fact not able to gain profits either in short term or long term.
Let's we need concentrate on common things while investing money in stock market, below what I suggest to follow certain things.

                 Major steps while buying/trading shares   

1. Global market either positive or negative find out the reason and news it's impacted.
2. National market news and measure impacts.
3. See sector performance of the day, if you want to trade in day trading
4. Stock trend because of any news, example stock result.
5.  IIP data, CIP data, WPI data and it has impacted every month.
6. RBI repo rates and its policies.
7. Commodities review.

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