Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gaining Return on Investment Possible By Fixing Targets

             Short & Easy Tips for gaining a return on Investment         

                       Tips for gaining a return on investment

There are several things need for gaining a decent return on investment but most strategies don't work practically and simple investment tips and methods can help small investors and bulk investors. According to my investment experience, like to bring wonderful tips for gaining profits within a short time and for day traders.
Let's we see some important points

               Important points for investors for gaining a return on investment

1) one need to study the market at least one hour before market and if is not possible to spend 20 minutes minimum before a trading start.
2) if you're confused during the trade better not to trade and leave that particular day.
3) understand whether it is script trend, market trend, sector trend.
4) select the script
5) enter at a support level
6) always better to keep stop loss for your trade.
7) book profits even if you are not reached the target.
8) don't trade with high margin. And always limit you are margin amount.

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