Saturday, November 1, 2014

How online equity trading is so effective than off-line trading

How Online equity Trading is so effective than off-line trading system

                                 Is online trading beneficial?

 online trading entirely different from off-line trading because where in off-line where all buying and selling transactions done through phone and writing documents but in online trading entire transactions will be done through on site,application,web support portal directly involvement of the customers(buying and selling the shares)

  many years ago underwriters and investors like to prefer off-line trading system because there is no additional resources to do trading and most of the time they need to engage the transactions in paper mode so shares can be buy,sell or even transfer with paper mode but now enter system has been changed because most of the cases people like to choose different alternatives and significantly people now a days like to trade them self in online buy,sell  shares,commodities,derivatives and other investment instruments.

                            Benefits by having online trading account

 1) Online trading account gives flexibility to do number of transactions without consulting stock broker or any other agents.
2) you can sell/buy shares at any time during the trading sessions
3) you can save time by trading online
4) you can measure,analyse and compare your trading reports.
5) you can see financial reports from your Demat account
6) you can design portfolio on your online trading account
7) you can enjoy the trading sessions by setting at your home at your own time so you are the  boss your self and  gives flexibility.
8) online trading costs less amount because annual charges are very less so don't need to worry about expenditure.
9) you can take much limits from your margin amount
10) you can execute your own ideas rather than stock broker ideas.