Tuesday, June 10, 2014

personal loan process in india

                            personal loan process in India


                                               loan process listed below:

        In India number of people randomly increased to apply personal loan for full-filling their needs, personal loan contains some steps which are so important need to be fallowed.
1.Need to work in an organization at least 3 months salary statement need to be enclosed

 2. In the case of Business, man needs to show their bank transactions and giving the details of business 

3. Photos, residential proof, pan card which are so essential loan process. Eligibility and Verification process to grant personal loan:
a) The loan provider thinks whether the person can re-pay capability within the duration or not.
b) whether his salary support his EMI (EVERY MONTH INSTALLMENT)
 C) Whether he works in reputed organization d) track record of the person, whether he paid previous loans successfully so this will give confidence to the providers to grant the loan.

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