Friday, December 19, 2014

Comparing your job performance

    compare and analyse your job performance everyday

Every person like to work by doing different tasks in our day to day schedule and most of the time is routine process but often it takes some changes on job description. It's always need to understand few things which you can measure,analyse,compare your job performance further growth. 

          Important points which we need to remember while comparing job performance 

                                  Generally  people prefer job in two basis 

                                           1) Full time job 
                                           2) Part time job 

          1) Full time job:
                                     Full time job takes up to 8 hrs,9 hrs and even 12 hrs people like to work on regular tasks with routine bases so generally most of the people get sufficient training in when you they have recruited newly by organization but most of the people makes common mistakes are
                they will not love their profession
              they will  not show any more interest further learning
              they  don't want them to adopt new techniques 
                 they don't want to fallow any other people 
             not having proper objective missing all missions on their job.

 most of the people not serious about their jobs and most of the people thinks that need to work fixed schedule from morning to evening or other schedule timings but majority of the companies like to prefer contribution of the employee towards the work rather than calculating time and most of the companies like to track the record of the employee so how effectively the employee involving towards work and how employee delivering the quality of work, even if you work 4 hours by giving high quality and achieved your day target then employer permits to give either high incentives or flexibility to go home after 4 hours.

 But only few of the companies have strict guidelines to work in fixed schedule but you can gain additional incentives from your work, it's good thing when any worker or employee enhance his/her performance every day,week,month and year the employee certainly see good growth in organisation , employee can easily identified by the employer.

2) Part time jobs

     part time jobs are mostly calculated with working hours or few days in a week,month so generally on part time jobs are task oriented  so each task carries certain responsibilities and duties need to be full-filled by an individual worker or employee. Every part time job offer some remuneration for an individual worker and employee.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Odesk is a best platform

    "It's about how freelancers co-ordinate with clients and how they need to develop their skills for getting different projects on their accounts".    

                Odesk really works for freelancers and clients   

                                 Major points why Odesk is a best platform

I have been using the website as a freelancer and hired by different clients , Odesk provide free membership for all freelancers and clients but they will charge 10% on every earnings, we can able access number of skills tests on odesk so it's really nice  interesting what want to be associate with this site.

  • Odesk people always look forward to find relevant jobs on the bases on your  profile and your area of  interest, because what ever key words you search so next time they will show relevant jobs on your profile.

  • Clients can contact with you and you can clarify many project doubts before signing the contract so most of the time clients ask you to connect through skype for conducting interview. 

  • Clients allocate specific time for each project so you want to extend time then you need to estimate time before signing the contract because it gives flexible time to complete your tasks and work. 

  • if you attend number of skill tests in number of times then there is scope for you gain many projects on your account and important thing is every test qualification marks around 2.50/5 and gives you rank but if you want to get high rank then you need to keep on write same skill test every month so identifying weak areas are very important on relevant skill test then next exam you can get a decent score on the same skill test.                

                            do you want me explain by giving example ?


        suppose you attended a skill test, you  scored 2.40/5.00  and results failed but don't get disappoint by seeing result , good thing is, it gives total marks with percentages so you can again eligible to attend the test after one month so here you need to identify weak areas and try to rectify and come again for the test.  
  •  when we discuss about competition on odesk between freelancers then i can "no" because only active people can again and at the same how they dedicated the time by approaching different clients. 
  • one thing which we need to aware on odesk is you should observe history of the client and rating of the client with freelancers so that you can decide to work with the client.
  • it's always better to work in hours wise rather than fixed price, if  any case clients not satisfied with your work and even after completion work they don't pay you money so always better do demo work before signing the agreement.
  • your profile should be updated every time by providing your qualification details, university, experience and other certifications you can  add each and every details so that your profile reached 100% accuracy. 
  • while applying with any client one you should remember to prepare a great cover letter to the client so how you can complete work and what are things you hold for the project  etc.

                          would you like to add any more new  things an article?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

verify before buying a product or service

                 "it's about common things to verify before buying any product or service".

            A common things need to verify before buying anything such as.  

1) Comparing same products with other companies

 2) Getting the feed back product or service.

3) Measuring the value of company in-terms assurance 

4)  Comparing the price of product or service

5) Product features such as quality or special features and options

6) Second handed value in the market

7) Product expire time whether short or long

8)  find and compare information on different product websites.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

learn everyday one new concept

"adding everyday one new thing, just like adding skills on your account."

   Those who wants desire to learn something then it will be good, if they learn at least one new concept or thing every day because not only it gives more knowledge,skills and also gives more satisfaction on every day.

                           transforms to a innovative leader

           If you learn anything at one time then it takes time and understanding of a concept could be difficult but if your interested to learn things everyday then it will become so easy to achieve it.

                                         can you do it?

     i think most of the time we do different activities over period of the time even at the same time we need to spend few minutes to learn new thing certainly it brings positiveness on your life then it makes big difference among thousands of people so make  learning is a habit is very necessary now a  days.

               for doing this you need to follow certain steps

                      1) fix schedule to learn new things
                      2) use web resources to gain new things
                      3) refer books
                      4) fallow lecturers and seniors who know the best things
                      5) use all your limited resources/alternative resources
                      6) update each thing and refer further time
                      7) understand present trends and estimate further trends
                      8) think creatively and do the things innovative things
                      9) take initiation
                     10) test and compare your results
                     11) do modification
                     12) achieve your ultimate goal.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

free online classes and sources

                            online classes and sources

online classes really helpful to all because we can learn anything by attending number of classes so it gives scope to learn not only stick on to the specific subject even we can focus on remaining concepts which we are not aware on it , learning  is always best policy because our skills and knowledge need to be update every time.

online classes are so effective in two aspects 1) Learning   2) Teaching 


  • Learning:
        Learning is a continuous process because a good teacher must be good learner so learning different concepts and subjects which  always give new ideas and scope to get updated them self.

  • Teaching:
              Teaching through online is very effective connect global students across world so you can share culture,subjects,concepts anything that we are specialized on subjects, it gives scope to  generate income from online at the same time gain experience by teaching students.       Skype became important tool for connecting students and video call or audio based classes , few number of companies conducting online classes and giving preference to the teachers and students, of course they are running different software to conducting classing through their own servers not preferring skype.

  • According to  my experience is a best website to connect number of people through online and here paid services and free services are available so i am looking forward to conduct more number of classes on this network.
  • another website which  i prefer because here you can meet the clients without any more rules and regulations only the thing is need to build good  profile and need to pass number of skill tests on this website. 


  •  I want to share my website information and i have started to teach  free online classes because i want to bring some awareness towards new bloggers  and helping relevant areas always give great satisfaction to me. I have paid services for another subjects so if anyone further interested to join just message me and i will add you on skype so that i can fix the schedule to start classes. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

it's about systematic investment plan


"systematic investment really works even the person who doesn't  have sufficient knowledge on financial area, hence it's so beneficial long term perspective and reduce maximum risk and give more benefits to investor."

             benefits by having systematic investment plan

                     1) One who can save money on regular intervals
                      2) there is no need to think market volatility
                      3) taking advantage on every fall of market
                       4) adding more units by falling the market
                       5) gives maximum return in certain duration of period
                       6) reduce maximum risk 
                       7) it's safest investment for ever
                       8) doesn't require more knowledge on finance 

major sources for promoting your blog

They are number of sources to promote your blog

                          major sources for pormoting the blog

                         1) Onsite SEO
                         2) off-site SEO
                         3) through social networking websites
                         4) sharing with friends
                         5) other forums
                         6) concept related websites
                         7) back links to another sites
                         8) through blog commenting

promoting the blog is an art

           promoting your blog is an amazing Art

Promoting is  the blog is the best way but need engage certain things to get identify your blog, social networking and Search engine optimization is the best way to promote your blog. it's not only possible through the methods you promote

                         compare below things when your posting an article

                                         how far you you design your blog?

                how effectively your writing long content and quality content?

                   how your providing valuable information to your visitors?

                    how your content useful with different dimensions?

                                             what your updating?

                 sources your providing for further reference?

                 whether information can easily understandable?

         way of presentation ? example using charts,images,links,example etc. 

social groups build traffic to your blog

                social groups works for your website

       Social groups has huge impact on your blog or any website because it can takes you to connect many number of people and builds strong relations on network so that your web audience can increase randomly.
but managing we need to do certain things.

                    qualities require to build a better blog or  any website

                      1) contribute your time to prepare a long content
                      2) keep on update posts to bring maximum quality
                      3) keep on building groups on social networking 
                       4) don't forget to share your blog
                       5)  creating own content is the best policy 
                       6) understanding about what people required on your content?
                        7) focusing on specific topic 
                       8) try to spend limited time for  remaining topics 
                       9) always update yourself in the market
                       10) gazing whether it is research article,general article and review article and maintain certain standards.

                       11) managing the all social networking websites and selecting best social networking where you can connect number of people every day hence your traffic can grow randomly.
                      12) Understanding and estimating readers mind set
                       14)  updating your blog and active participation on your social networking sites and give your time for other bloggers to comment and respond their blog problems  so people like to connect when you hear their problems then they will like to join their network because you have been identified by them.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

equity trading for beginners

              equity trading for beginners

         Equity trading refers to buying and selling equity segment shares , where it has involved high risk on trading shares so it is involvement of internal and external factors in the market.

 For every beginner's need to understand the below things.

  •   understand the meaning and concept of equity shares
  •   terminology of the equity shares
  •   how we need to compare different shares according to grades
  •   understand the concepts of charts
  •   expert suggestions and views and success rates of an expert
  •   stock broker suggestions and performance of stocks 
  •   analysis variations and sources of data 
  •   examine the news whether it's correct or false news 
  •   understanding the duration of the stock
           Understanding the trends in the market




Saturday, November 8, 2014

equity shares involves high risk but there is a solution

                         are equity shares high  risky?

equity shares more risky but unless you don't design good portfolio because only diversification of your investment can minimize risk and gives additional protection on your investment, most of the time chances to gain profits either a) Day Trading
                           b) Short Term Trading
                           c) Long term trading 

            equations are need to fallow everyone before doing investment

       1)   If you take high risk = high profits/ or high loss  , security on investment is low
        2)                     low risk  = low profits/ or low loss   ,   security on investment is high

  in the above you can clearly understand how investor need to approach while doing investment so options many but  buying right stock at right and at time of course and if the person who takes highest risk then profits/losses will be high  and security remains low but in situation two entirely different the person who takes lowest risk then low profits/low loss will be generated and security remains high. 

                      clear direction on equity shares 

                  you can clearly understand how risks can generate profits in different levels at the same time we need to remember diversification of investment is very essential on equity segment. here listed things need to fallow every investor.

1) Choosing the right script:       

 in stock market where number of companies are listed on different stock exchanges and number of advisers like to give suggestions on your investment but one need to spend minimum time for doing self verification for choosing the right stock at right time and right situation. 
   note:          under equity segment trading Group A and B shares are very important in order to minimize the risk  because there will be number of buyers and sellers on that counter so you can take price advantage for booking profits in short time.

2) Prepare to  invite risk:   

      One need to understand on stock market that always not possible to gain profits some times you need to book looses too so preparing risk you take on every investment on every trade do on stock market. 

3) Design nice portfolio: 

      always one need diversify your investment on various sectors and select preferring nice stocks from the different sectors here you can minimize the risk and chances to maximize the profits. 

4) Evaluation of your stocks:  

most of the time you spend to evaluate the performance on your stocks the more you gain from stock market because regular evaluation need to be done by investor in order to make success at least spend time every 3 three months once will be better for long term investors. 

5) Book your profits:  

booking the profits around 18% is idle on stock market even if your expecting more then your inviting trouble on your side and if your looking forward long term investment then you can do further research where up to takes support on stock.

6) Stop loss: 

 stop loss is very important that because limiting looses at one level but many experts put different stop losses according how they accept the risks.

7) fundamental analysis:  

fundamental analysis is very necessary on trading shares because it involves basic reports from company  profile,details,income statements and position statements etc.

8) Technical analysis:  

Technical analysis where you can do research where stock takes support and resistance levels and how it will behave next coming days stock market so price movements can gazed easily on stock market.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Diversify Portfolio For Minimizing Risk

                       Diversify Portfolio For Minimizing Risk 


                                       Diversify Portfolio For Minimizing Risk 

                                     let's we discuss first what do you mean by portfolio?

  •       a portfolio is a combination of assets, where you can find different combinations securities with different prices with different quantities bought at different levels.

                                      managing a good portfolio:

  •            Managing a good portfolio leads to minimize the risk and maximize the return and i will provide example for that, 
                                 don't  keep all eggs (your investment) into one basket 
                                     if you keep what happens?
                                       it results high risk and high loss 
  •             instead of that if you keep one egg into one basket in the same way for 12 eggs then number of baskets are needed almost 12 baskets then keep one egg into one basket then it results what?
                                     t minimize the risk and maximize the profits. 

             that is the reason designing a portfolio very much needed on investment area.

keeping equities in long term to get maximum return

                    keep your stocks for long term 


                              manage your stocks for long term: 

 managing your stocks on your portfolio for long term really gives maximum benefits because most of stocks really perform and gives maximum return in long term, whether you may buy blue chip stocks or mid cap stocks you can gain benefits from the market in long term.

  the points which you need to remember for a long term investment 

 1) you need to pick the stocks from Nifty Index (blue chip stocks)/Group A companies or Group B company scripts so which you can be safe because you could find potential back ground stocks .

2) another one is diversification is required for sectors and another financial instruments such as not only investing only stocks even you can invest on mutual funds,bonds etc.

3) then you can pick the scripts after filtering fundamentally and technically.

4) design a portfolio according your risk acceptance and rate of return

4) check your stocks performance every two months.

5) expect decent rate of return from your investment around 20% even if you expect more keep it long term more than two years.
if you want to exit then sell half of the units and buy again with low  price or buy relevant stocks.

6) always compare your needs during the investment time and estimate further needs  to avoid unwanted stock exits from the market.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why Trading is necessary than investment

                       what do you mean by trading ?

Investment is necessary in order to gain profits so most of the investors go for trading by diversifying portfolio into various sectors or companies so that they can minimize risk and maximum scope to gain profits.
  Trading is a routine process, which involved interest of the investors because number of trades takes only by the interest of the investors. On basic terms of Trading involves two transactions 

                  Trading Action

1. Buying the shares/commodities in the same day
2. selling the shares/commodities in the same day.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

How online equity trading is so effective than off-line trading

How Online equity Trading is so effective than off-line trading system

                                 Is online trading beneficial?

 online trading entirely different from off-line trading because where in off-line where all buying and selling transactions done through phone and writing documents but in online trading entire transactions will be done through on site,application,web support portal directly involvement of the customers(buying and selling the shares)

  many years ago underwriters and investors like to prefer off-line trading system because there is no additional resources to do trading and most of the time they need to engage the transactions in paper mode so shares can be buy,sell or even transfer with paper mode but now enter system has been changed because most of the cases people like to choose different alternatives and significantly people now a days like to trade them self in online buy,sell  shares,commodities,derivatives and other investment instruments.

                            Benefits by having online trading account

 1) Online trading account gives flexibility to do number of transactions without consulting stock broker or any other agents.
2) you can sell/buy shares at any time during the trading sessions
3) you can save time by trading online
4) you can measure,analyse and compare your trading reports.
5) you can see financial reports from your Demat account
6) you can design portfolio on your online trading account
7) you can enjoy the trading sessions by setting at your home at your own time so you are the  boss your self and  gives flexibility.
8) online trading costs less amount because annual charges are very less so don't need to worry about expenditure.
9) you can take much limits from your margin amount
10) you can execute your own ideas rather than stock broker ideas.

Day trading strategies for traders in stock market

                             Day Trading Strategies 

Now a days in stock market majority of investors like to do day trading instead doing short term investment and long term investment so many people confused to understand the concept of day trading , day trading is a process where buyers purchase shares in a day and sell the shares in the same day without waiting another day. they may books profits/losses within a day itself. this book may bring new changes on your trading sessions and brings more techniques on trading time , helpful and recommend to beginners also.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Short equity taking position and covering equity position

       short equity taking position and covering  on stock market

                         it's about short position and covering (equity segment)

Short Trades In stock market you can find people who are really need to buy stocks to gain benefits in the raising market, but most of the time market can't fallow upper trend so correction may take place, during in that situations how people need to react in stock market. people not only buy stocks to gain in raising market but they also take advantage in the falling market. here people sale the stocks first without buying the shares first then they will buyback their shares for covering their position, see the example if share is quoting around 330 now they will sell first, if if falls below 330 then they will buyback their shares for covering their position so time is limited on short selling, so during the day they need to cover their positions.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top Twenty investment principles for beginners traders in stock market

                         stock market investment principles 

                             major stock market investment principles

Every stock has specific trend over period of time so you may be observe some times few of the stocks have broad scope to increase but majority of stocks may not move further instead of it, it will fall sharply so how we need to understand the stocks and market. Here are the some basic points need to be understand before investing on various stocks.

           principles are listed below

1) Is the stock fundamentally good?
 2) Is the stock technically better ?
 3) is the stock fallowing any trend or news?
 4) whether the stock is moving against expectations? find out reasons if yes?
 5) Further company commitments or orders towards clients (future improvement)
 6) checking that whether the stock already reached destination
7) understanding the breakout points
 8) Deliverable quantity whether increased or decreasing
 9) keep Book profits or losses for reducing more risk
10) understand yourself that whether you are day trader or short term or long term investor.
11) keep stop loss, if you want to trade on day trading
12) diversify your investment especially in short term or long term in order to minimize risk.
13) always try to book profits around 15% on investment ,if you still expect more than that then you are inviting more risk so in-fact takes long time to achieve your targets.
14) estimate brokerage on every trade you do on investment. remember brokerage changes for day trading and Deliverable trade.
15) Generally people make mistake by investing less money but taking high margin on investment so it leads losses once the stock fallows reverse trend against your bought price so a) take less margin on your investment b) book small profits c) keep a stop loss on your view ( not given by expert)
16) Buy every stock on low and sell on high this formula need to be followed by everyone.
17) Try to avoid short selling if your not a expert on stock market because there is only limited time to cover your position before ending the session. I personally suggest not do so many trades in a day.
18) short selling is too dangerous because generally people prepare to invest their money by accepting uncontrollable risk.
19) don't fallow any advice given by any one of them even friends or relatives so and so because self analysis is necessary while investing money , even a person doesn't have knowledge on stock market then take most expert advice go for long term investment and diversify your investment , do analysis at least every 6 months once.
20) don't fallow the crowd on market but crowd should fallow you.

Monday, October 20, 2014

capital management rules for success of business

                capital management rules for success of business

Working capital management has broad scope on industry,company and all organizations to maintain balanced business to avoid working gaps during the working hours and they are so many working capital used by organizations but mostly and commonly use two types of working capital.
 1) temporary working capital
 2) Fixed working capital Temporary working capital refers where money can be spend on to meet day to day expenses.
 Fixed working capital refers to use for long term to balance the business. anyhow spending money is an art because situations and conditions made us to make decisions.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Major options on MBA and benefits by doing business course


Major options can selected by management students on M.B.A course can be given in any business school and other management related colleges such as streams such as marketing,Finance,H.R are number of students can preferred , apart from this syllabus can be changed another streams such as core stream and number subjects offering by major business schools.

                  1) Marketing
                  2) Finance
                  3) Human resource management
                  4) systems
 above specializations considers majority of them around 90% and remaining people like to prefer choose on individual subjects to focus and like to extend their knowledge and skills  further relevant jobs within the same organization  so few of the companies offers students and employee to study further subjects to full fill their job requirements and at the same time employee feels happy to study new things and get sufficient experience on relevant subjects.

          1) companies like to hire the candidates those who has sufficient management skills
          2) most  of the people can shine their skills during the course by participating different management events and meets.
          3) management students can get practical exposure on their subjects so organizations can prefer the certain students.
         4) management course can make good leaders for further generations and every management students can become good leader but how far they understand leadership qualities and responsibilities are important.
         5) management students know how to execute management events  by implementing management functions.
         6) management students can utilize all the limited resources to enhance the organization growth.
         7) management students planning is different from other students because they know how design a plan and how to minimize cost and save time.
         8) management students can handle at any situation by doing smart work and understand the things so effectively.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Select Any Sport For Better Health

I think playing any sport everyday makes us very effectively in-terms of health and fitness brings you physical and psychological calmness.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Job Sources In India

                                        job resources  in india

                                            job sources and resources in india

They are so many opportunities to work in india because after globalization so many companies entered Indian market by operating services and by investing money into various sectors. Major sectors. 1. Service sectors a. Business Process outsourcing b. contract works from different regions. 2. Information Technology 3. Pharma sector This above three are has strong position in the market and remaining sectors recently we can see significant progress.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Always Better Control Ananlysis on Inventory

               How you control quality and quantity inventory

ABC Analysis A= ALWAYS B= BETTER C= CONTROL On inventory basis here is the explanation, A category of inventory contains high quality of inventory and charge with high price but gets low quantity B category OF Inventory contains medium quality of inventory and charge with medium price but gets satisfying quantity C category of inventory contains least quality of inventory and charge with low price even gets more quantity. Those are essential to understand the concept of inventory and involved with Quality, Price and quantity.

     1) Every manufacture has to concentrate on inventory control system for gaining better results because need to estimate further demand in the market hence producer can minimize the expenditure and can save time.

    2) production can be done in continuous  process because targets need to be achieved..


Saturday, June 14, 2014

building confidence

      every teacher need to build confidence among students

Every teacher has to carry responses while they are going to deal subjects, subjects part of the syllabus is a thing which need to be complete on time and shine the students in various corners of subject but at the same time a teacher has to contribute his time to teach basic ethics and trying to build the confidence among them.
 1. How to deal with students, what to deal with students? rating and analyzing the response from the students, what student really expecting from the subject, whether subject content or material given by teacher satisfied or not, among subject.
2. Building the confidence among every student and understand them provide valuable suggestions to avoid negative thoughts and attitude, bring them to reach their goals. This are the above things which are commonly needed to every teacher need to adopt and try execute in the classroom then results will come positively from the school, college and any university irrespective all the subjects and stream 

Friday, June 13, 2014

make social networking as a hobby

                     connect people through social networking

 Now a days social relations become very  important on business because it could be useful for different situations such as sharing information,updating our self ,adopt any new things which is happening on social networking and using to join groups community to discuss on specific topics.

treat social networking as a hobby by connecting different regional people for sharing and gaining knowledge for mutual growth. It's very important that have Number of people from your side.

developing a brand image on organization

        more weak areas you identify then more scope to build brand image

Brand is a indication and identification of organization which is specified with a words including a image, Every Brand has certain value in the society hence every Brand can be measured with money and also treated as Goodwill. Developing a Brand Image important thing in organization, Brand Image can't be generated in a day, it comes only by giving much publicity,advertising,selling the products and giving product information different business corners then only brand can be valued,several factors are added it's purely depending the fallowing factors. 1. Size of the Business (small scale firm or large scale firm) 2. Nature of product committed by the organization 3. Financial aspects of the organization 4. scope future sales 5.Product concerns regarding outputs

Thursday, June 12, 2014

attitude impact on your routine life


Attitude impact on general life that's common to all in various situations and incidents, Attitude plays significant role while in work,study,meeting people,relatives or by dealing with anyone of them even for approach towards animals or anything, it tells mind set and nature towards feeling of anything. . how they think about it
  • . how they opinion on the particular thing ?
  • . how they want to transforms into action ?
  • . how they thinking capability and understandability of a any concept  nature of receiving whether positively or negatively?
  •  . deciding the thing either it correct or wrong. above points purely known by conducting survey and observing attitude of different set of people in society , included students,professionals and workers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

planning schedule is possible through time management

                               plan your day well

Every day starts with new energy for aspirations dreams of human beings, people get busy their life with so many activities .1. Planning the activities 2.organizing activities

1)planning your activities:

                                                   planning your activities which is very important before starting your day because it gives clear idea where you want to do ,when you want to do , for what you want to do so this questions and answers arise when you think to plan your activities every day after waking up in the morning. so hence it reduce your time.

2) organizing the activities: 

                                                 organizing the activities is nothing but balancing the events/activities/managing the things so which are every essential to allocating time for an activity.

this information helpful irrespective of  any category on different situations but success depends  on only how we are going to execute certain things are very essential , most of the cases execution becomes so difficult.
dividing our schedule and balancing the time is the only way where you can do wonders in limited time. 

common needs for locating the plant

                  common needs for locating the plant

There are so many factors added for locating of the plant as fallows below. 1. Infrastructure facilities 2. Government policies 3. tax benefits 4. Skilled workers

 1)infrastructure facilities:      

                                                   infrastructure facilities which are common requirements need by every industry and company to locate a plant such power,transport,water and telecommunication etc.

2) government polices:

                                                 government polices are key for companies because it provides flexibility towards business to run business operations such as providing tax free benefits , subsidiary benefits and other which supports industry.

Customer or Consumer

           a common difference between customer and consumer

differentiate customer and consumer:     

customer and consumer:

The person who buys product of the organization can become as a customer, the transaction ends while buying the product and not sure whether customer can use the product or may not use the product. Consumer refers not only buying product then he/she uses the product known as consumer. sometimes all buyers can't be consumers but sometimes all buyers can become consumers.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

personal loan process in india

                            personal loan process in India


                                               loan process listed below:

        In India number of people randomly increased to apply personal loan for full-filling their needs, personal loan contains some steps which are so important need to be fallowed.
1.Need to work in organization at least 3 months salary statement need to be enclosed

 2.In case of Business man need to show their bank transactions and giving the details of business 

3. Photos,residential proof,pan card which are so essential loan process. Eligibility and Verification process to grant personal loan:
a) The loan provider think whether the person can re-pay capability within the duration or not.
b) whether his salary support his EMI (EVERY MONTH INSTALLMENT)
 C) Whether he works in reputed organization d) track record of the person, whether he paid previous loans successfully so this will give confidence to the providers to grant the loan.

how culture bring changes


Every product of production process has involved an art of a nation, in fact every nation has their own art to manufacture same nature of product or services so it shows differentiation in production process or cultivation process whatever it may be,it has been directly or indirectly involved culture and tradition of a country.

how you achieve targets

Every Jobholder or worker,employee,labor work for living,arrange for needs and satisfying wants limited. first one is the person who is working initially he has to learn subject whatever he learned during the training or classroom that will be considers as knowledge. The second one is skills, the person who gained knowledge during the classroom or training then execution is necessary that is called implementation then the person can become as skilled professional employee or labor or worker. the third one is the person who has both knowledge and skills then the person has scope to gain experience the fourth one is the person who got sufficient experience in his/her field then the person can become master on his work even called as genius. the above stages are very much important on office or factory so the levels can be done every organization enhancing the profit of the organization.

buying positions in the market

Buying a product and service is very important for any buyer before buying any product or service you need to plan and know the buying positions, Identifying number of competitors and no of buyers for Identifying future buying positions in the market.

Monday, June 9, 2014

impact of managerial economics

                        impact of managerial economics

           Managerial economics  has strong impact on every organization,  human resource are so essential in the organization because every individual contributes something towards organization and how effectively and efficiently use limited resources to maximize profit of the organization.

Research brings your's destination

                      how research brings your destination

A person who has high passion to achieve something or discover something ,new thing so keep on doing and working on concepts seriously to get good results then you get success suddenly even when you don't expect a thing.

                    1) quality of work
                    2) spend more time on relevant concepts
                   3)  analysis and compare different things
                   4) identify  different sources and practical approach
                   5) different alternatives of methods/techniques
                   5) interpretation of data

The above are the things which are commonly necessary to involve different things for reaching research destination.

power of leadership

Leadership is wonderful responsibility to lead all his followers, there are different styles of leadership styles 1.DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP STYLE ( A leader invite all followers for involve decision making 2.AUTOCRATIC LEADERSHIP STYLE ( A leader command all his followers to get a work) 3.LEA-SEIZE LEADERSHIP STYLE ( A leader can give freedom to do a work and get result)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

plan your activities

every one must fallow in order to achieve success of any activity or event, fallowing management functions are so essential. 1.PLANNING 2.ORGANIZING 3.CO-COORDINATING 4.CONTROLLING 5.COMMANDING 6.STAFFING

signifinace of planning

                                     role of planning

Planning is so important for every activity and every event, Whatever activity you may do ,if there is plan there will be channel of execution, before doing any activity we must make a proper planning to get success of any activity or event.

 Planning is just spending time on particular task and event so correct guidance is required when want to do certain major activities and events, without experience some cases not going to work well and leads failure, whether you want to conduct function/event/activity then time management is very essential for successfully conducting the event.  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

organization styles comparison


organization refers a group of people work to achieve common goal of an organization. they are so many types of organizations 1. Line organization  (military organization) 2. Line & staff organization 3. Matrix organization (project organization) 4. geographical organization 5. functional organization 6. product organization 7.cellular organization 8. chain organization 9. pyramid organization

              every organization like to be different from other organization so modern methods and techniques are involved to find out  relevant organization which  suits to them . 

how do you design your portfolio

How would like to design your portfolio, here is the answer for you. let me start with "PORTFOLIO" portfolio means is the combination of assets, combination assets consists different investment instruments such as follows 1.venture capital
2.equity shares
3. debentures
 4. commodities such as (gold,sliver etc)
 5. buildings
 6. plant
 7. bank deposits
8. bonds
9. treasury bills 10.commercial papers
 generally investments can be done majorly two markets listed below investment market
 A) Primary market B) secondary market
primary means is new issue market or first issue market such as IPO's.
secondary market is known as stock market where securities can be traded.

How Investments Choice Made By Investors


Investments are so essential for every individuals because people are like do savings further investments by designing the portfolio (combination of assets), they are so many kind of investments instruments around the world, there are the people who are receiving high profits by investing low amount but at the same time you can find people who are taking low profits or returns by investing high investments, so this purely depending how you consider,
1. Risk factor
2. allocation of fund by doing diversification
3. selecting duration of investments
4. selecting from the best scripts from right category
5. deciding the profit margin at the same time ready to bear loss there are one great formula,
A) the person who takes highest risk = possibility gain either high return high loss
 B) the person who takes lowest risk = possibility gain either low return or low loss examples for the above (A) investing venture capital (investing new innovative project works) buying equity shares. examples for the above
 (B) Bank deposits debentures commercial papers Bonds.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Needs Vs Wants

               how needs must be different from wants

In everyone has to think in two ways one is Needs and another one is Wants, many people has aspirations and dreams to accomplish and achieve selected targets but one may achieve or may not achieve the targets at least they need to full-fill needs which are so essential for survival so needs must be essential one in every individual life.

identify your skills

                              identify your worthy skills

Identify your skills is the key for success because every one has different skills but most of the situations people can:t recognize their skills, people always search more number of jobs not based upon their interests and passions but they will apply different jobs then it leads to dissatisfaction.

                   1) one need to have keen concentration their interests and activities
                   2) identifying major activities and preferences.
                   3) contributing more time on relevant concepts
                   4) try to adopt such a new things in the market on related concepts
                   5) try to execute such a different things on related concepts
                   6) checking the abilities and weak areas
                   7) need to do some modifications
                   8) achieving the destination
                   9) accomplishing new things on related concepts and spending time on research
                 10) way for innovations and creation will be started

Monday, June 2, 2014

self awareness gives maximum fruits

Every individual has to think before going to bed everyday so self awareness gives maximum scope to where you are? what you are ? what you suppose to do? and understand and estimating future aspects.
 so let's you can try it in this areas.