Sunday, March 15, 2015

Major Steps for Rank Long Blog Articles in search engines

                    Long articles real worthy for a writers

                " We  can see long articles having worthy in-terms of the subject and having depth on the topic"


                Why do we need to prefer long articles? 


                    1)   It contains more words  on a relevant concept or topic
                    2)    we can able to read and unknown many facts
                    3)   we can find a depth of the topic
                    4)  we can find many points covered on the specific topic
                    The 5)  topic can be covered all aspects and comparison
                    6) we can understand the topic with different dimensions
                    7)  long articles gives us reason to read
                    8) most of the doubts can be answered through the concept/topic
                    9)  one can do quality research on concern topic
                   10)  many of the visitors like to view articles number of times if it has more information so traffic can be generated.
                    11) Google can access long articles very easily by providing google rank page.
                    12) Most of the time search engines provide much support certain articles

 13) articles should have qualitative nature rather than quantitative nature. 

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