Saturday, January 3, 2015

Building healthy work culture

 How Do you need to bring a strong work culture among  co-workers

                                    Comparing Work culture among co-workers 

Nowadays people busy with their tasks and commitments so far we don't know what they expect during the day and many people having different aspirations in their life and since they always concentrate on their in certain areas but only a few people can understand what they need to certain activities at right in right situation. 

                                           Example of work culture among co-workers

I would like to extend my topic by giving proper examples before giving many more examples, we can understand the general theme of the work culture in an organization.
they are two dimensions 

1) Positive Dimensions
2) Negative Dimensions 

1) Positive Dimensions:   Positive dimensions are very much important while working with some other because motivation each other within the organization gives great results and organization has taken responsibility to create the environment for encouraging employee to involve and make culture accept the challenges from the organization and employee has to think innovative   in different so that we need generation feels very comfortable to do further research.

2) Negative Dimensions:  Negative dimensions lead different work barriers between superiors and employee hence they can't find good growth neither superior nor employee, so the organization has conducted some training sessions to avoid negative work culture.

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