Friday, December 19, 2014

Comparing your job performance

    compare and analyze your job performance every day

Every person like to work by doing different tasks in our day to day schedule and most of the time is a routine process but often it takes some changes in the job description. It always needs to understand a few things which you can measure, analyze, compare your job performance further growth. 

          Important points which we need to remember while comparing job performance 

                                  Generally, people prefer a job on two basis 

                                           1) Full time job 
                                           2) Part time job 

          1) Full-time job:
                                     The full-time job takes up to 8 hrs,9 hrs and even 12 hrs people like to work on regular tasks with routine bases so generally most of the people get sufficient training in when you they have recruited newly by an organization but most of the people make common mistakes are
                they will not love their profession
              they will  not show any more interest further learning
              they  don't want them to adopt new techniques 
                 they don't want to fallow any other people 
             not having proper objective missing all missions on their job.

 most of the people not serious about their jobs and most of the people thinks that need to work fixed schedule from morning to evening or other schedule timings but majority of the companies like to prefer contribution of the employee towards the work rather than calculating time and most of the companies like to track the record of the employee so how effectively the employee involving towards work and how employee delivering the quality of work, even if you work 4 hours by giving high quality and achieved your day target then employer permits to give either high incentives or flexibility to go home after 4 hours.

 But only a few of the companies have strict guidelines to work in a fixed schedule but you can gain additional incentives from your work, it's a good thing when any worker or employee enhance his/her performance every day,week, month and year the employee certainly see good growth in organization, employee can easily be identified by the employer.

2) Part-time jobs

     part-time jobs are mostly calculated with working hours or few days in a week, month so generally on part-time jobs are task oriented so each task carries certain responsibilities and duties need to be full-filled by an individual worker or employee. Every part-time job offers some remuneration for an individual worker and employee.


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