Wednesday, November 12, 2014

free online classes and sources

                            online classes and sources

online classes really helpful to all because we can learn anything by attending number of classes so it gives scope to learn not only to stick on to the specific subject even we can focus on remaining concepts which we are not aware on it, learning  is always best policy because our skills and knowledge need to be updated every time.

online classes are so effective in two aspects 1) Learning   2) Teaching 


  • Learning:
        Learning is a continuous process because a good teacher must be good learner so learning different concepts and subjects which always give new ideas and scope to get updated them self.

  • Teaching:
              Teaching through online is very effective connect global students across the world so you can share culture, subjects, concepts anything that we are specialized on subjects, it gives scope to generate income from online at the same time gain experience by teaching students.       Skype became an important tool for connecting students and video call or audio based classes, few numbers of companies conducting online classes and giving preference to the teachers and students, of course, they are running different software to conducting classing through their own servers not preferring skype.

  • According to my experience, is the best website to connect a number of people through online and here paid services and free services are available so am looking forward to conducting more number of classes on this network.
  • another website which I prefer because here you can meet the clients without any more rules and regulations only the thing is to need to build a good profile and need to pass the number of skill tests on this website. 


  •  I want to share my website information and I have started to teach free online classes because I want to bring some awareness towards new bloggers and helping relevant areas always give great satisfaction to me. I have paid services for another subject so if anyone further interested to join just messages me and I will add you on skype so that I can fix the schedule to start classes. 

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