Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Odesk is a best platform

    "It's about how freelancers co-ordinate with clients and how they need to develop their skills for getting different projects on their accounts".    

                Odesk really works for freelancers and clients   

                                 Major points why Odesk is a best platform

I have been using the website as a freelancer and hired by different clients , Odesk provide free membership for all freelancers and clients but they will charge 10% on every earnings, we can able access number of skills tests on odesk so it's really nice  interesting what want to be associate with this site.

  • Odesk people always look forward to find relevant jobs on the bases on your  profile and your area of  interest, because what ever key words you search so next time they will show relevant jobs on your profile.

  • Clients can contact with you and you can clarify many project doubts before signing the contract so most of the time clients ask you to connect through skype for conducting interview. 

  • Clients allocate specific time for each project so you want to extend time then you need to estimate time before signing the contract because it gives flexible time to complete your tasks and work. 

  • if you attend number of skill tests in number of times then there is scope for you gain many projects on your account and important thing is every test qualification marks around 2.50/5 and gives you rank but if you want to get high rank then you need to keep on write same skill test every month so identifying weak areas are very important on relevant skill test then next exam you can get a decent score on the same skill test.                

                            do you want me explain by giving example ?


        suppose you attended a skill test, you  scored 2.40/5.00  and results failed but don't get disappoint by seeing result , good thing is, it gives total marks with percentages so you can again eligible to attend the test after one month so here you need to identify weak areas and try to rectify and come again for the test.  
  •  when we discuss about competition on odesk between freelancers then i can "no" because only active people can again and at the same how they dedicated the time by approaching different clients. 
  • one thing which we need to aware on odesk is you should observe history of the client and rating of the client with freelancers so that you can decide to work with the client.
  • it's always better to work in hours wise rather than fixed price, if  any case clients not satisfied with your work and even after completion work they don't pay you money so always better do demo work before signing the agreement.
  • your profile should be updated every time by providing your qualification details, university, experience and other certifications you can  add each and every details so that your profile reached 100% accuracy. 
  • while applying with any client one you should remember to prepare a great cover letter to the client so how you can complete work and what are things you hold for the project  etc.

                          would you like to add any more new  things an article?