Friday, November 7, 2014

keeping equities in long term to get maximum return

                    keep your stocks for long term 


                              manage your stocks for long term: 

 managing your stocks on your portfolio for long term really gives maximum benefits because most of stocks really perform and gives maximum return in long term, whether you may buy blue chip stocks or mid cap stocks you can gain benefits from the market in long term.

  the points which you need to remember for a long term investment 

 1) you need to pick the stocks from Nifty Index (blue chip stocks)/Group A companies or Group B company scripts so which you can be safe because you could find potential back ground stocks .

2) another one is diversification is required for sectors and another financial instruments such as not only investing only stocks even you can invest on mutual funds,bonds etc.

3) then you can pick the scripts after filtering fundamentally and technically.

4) design a portfolio according your risk acceptance and rate of return

4) check your stocks performance every two months.

5) expect decent rate of return from your investment around 20% even if you expect more keep it long term more than two years.
if you want to exit then sell half of the units and buy again with low  price or buy relevant stocks.

6) always compare your needs during the investment time and estimate further needs  to avoid unwanted stock exits from the market.

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