Friday, June 6, 2014

identify your skills

                              identify your worthy skills

Identify your skills is the key for success because every one has different skills but most of the situations people can:t recognize their skills, people always search more number of jobs not based upon their interests and passions but they will apply different jobs then it leads to dissatisfaction.

                   1) one need to have keen concentration their interests and activities
                   2) identifying major activities and preferences.
                   3) contributing more time on relevant concepts
                   4) try to adopt such a new things in the market on related concepts
                   5) try to execute such a different things on related concepts
                   6) checking the abilities and weak areas
                   7) need to do some modifications
                   8) achieving the destination
                   9) accomplishing new things on related concepts and spending time on research
                 10) way for innovations and creation will be started

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