Saturday, June 14, 2014

building confidence

      every teacher need to build confidence among students

Every teacher has to carry responses while they are going to deal subjects, subjects part of the syllabus is a thing which need to be complete on time and shine the students in various corners of subject but at the same time a teacher has to contribute his time to teach basic ethics and trying to build the confidence among them.
 1. How to deal with students, what to deal with students? rating and analyzing the response from the students, what student really expecting from the subject, whether subject content or material given by teacher satisfied or not, among subject.
2. Building the confidence among every student and understand them provide valuable suggestions to avoid negative thoughts and attitude, bring them to reach their goals. This are the above things which are commonly needed to every teacher need to adopt and try execute in the classroom then results will come positively from the school, college and any university irrespective all the subjects and stream 

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