Sunday, June 22, 2014

Always Better Control Ananlysis on Inventory

               How you control quality and quantity inventory

ABC Analysis A= ALWAYS B= BETTER C= CONTROL On inventory basis here is the explanation, A category of inventory contains high quality of inventory and charge with high price but gets low quantity B category OF Inventory contains medium quality of inventory and charge with medium price but gets satisfying quantity C category of inventory contains least quality of inventory and charge with low price even gets more quantity. Those are essential to understand the concept of inventory and involved with Quality, Price and quantity.

     1) Every manufacture has to concentrate on inventory control system for gaining better results because need to estimate further demand in the market hence producer can minimize the expenditure and can save time.

    2) production can be done in continuous  process because targets need to be achieved..


Saturday, June 14, 2014

building confidence

      every teacher need to build confidence among students

Every teacher has to carry responses while they are going to deal subjects, subjects part of the syllabus is a thing which need to be complete on time and shine the students in various corners of subject but at the same time a teacher has to contribute his time to teach basic ethics and trying to build the confidence among them.
 1. How to deal with students, what to deal with students? rating and analyzing the response from the students, what student really expecting from the subject, whether subject content or material given by teacher satisfied or not, among subject.
2. Building the confidence among every student and understand them provide valuable suggestions to avoid negative thoughts and attitude, bring them to reach their goals. This are the above things which are commonly needed to every teacher need to adopt and try execute in the classroom then results will come positively from the school, college and any university irrespective all the subjects and stream 

Friday, June 13, 2014

make social networking as a hobby

                     connect people through social networking

 Now a days social relations become very  important on business because it could be useful for different situations such as sharing information,updating our self ,adopt any new things which is happening on social networking and using to join groups community to discuss on specific topics.

treat social networking as a hobby by connecting different regional people for sharing and gaining knowledge for mutual growth. It's very important that have Number of people from your side.

developing a brand image on organization

        more weak areas you identify then more scope to build brand image

Brand is a indication and identification of organization which is specified with a words including a image, Every Brand has certain value in the society hence every Brand can be measured with money and also treated as Goodwill. Developing a Brand Image important thing in organization, Brand Image can't be generated in a day, it comes only by giving much publicity,advertising,selling the products and giving product information different business corners then only brand can be valued,several factors are added it's purely depending the fallowing factors. 1. Size of the Business (small scale firm or large scale firm) 2. Nature of product committed by the organization 3. Financial aspects of the organization 4. scope future sales 5.Product concerns regarding outputs

Thursday, June 12, 2014

attitude impact on your routine life


Attitude impact on general life that's common to all in various situations and incidents, Attitude plays significant role while in work,study,meeting people,relatives or by dealing with anyone of them even for approach towards animals or anything, it tells mind set and nature towards feeling of anything. . how they think about it
  • . how they opinion on the particular thing ?
  • . how they want to transforms into action ?
  • . how they thinking capability and understandability of a any concept  nature of receiving whether positively or negatively?
  •  . deciding the thing either it correct or wrong. above points purely known by conducting survey and observing attitude of different set of people in society , included students,professionals and workers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

planning schedule is possible through time management

                               plan your day well

Every day starts with new energy for aspirations dreams of human beings, people get busy their life with so many activities .1. Planning the activities 2.organizing activities

1)planning your activities:

                                                   planning your activities which is very important before starting your day because it gives clear idea where you want to do ,when you want to do , for what you want to do so this questions and answers arise when you think to plan your activities every day after waking up in the morning. so hence it reduce your time.

2) organizing the activities: 

                                                 organizing the activities is nothing but balancing the events/activities/managing the things so which are every essential to allocating time for an activity.

this information helpful irrespective of  any category on different situations but success depends  on only how we are going to execute certain things are very essential , most of the cases execution becomes so difficult.
dividing our schedule and balancing the time is the only way where you can do wonders in limited time. 

common needs for locating the plant

                  common needs for locating the plant

There are so many factors added for locating of the plant as fallows below. 1. Infrastructure facilities 2. Government policies 3. tax benefits 4. Skilled workers

 1)infrastructure facilities:      

                                                   infrastructure facilities which are common requirements need by every industry and company to locate a plant such power,transport,water and telecommunication etc.

2) government polices:

                                                 government polices are key for companies because it provides flexibility towards business to run business operations such as providing tax free benefits , subsidiary benefits and other which supports industry.

Customer or Consumer

           a common difference between customer and consumer

differentiate customer and consumer:     

customer and consumer:

The person who buys product of the organization can become as a customer, the transaction ends while buying the product and not sure whether customer can use the product or may not use the product. Consumer refers not only buying product then he/she uses the product known as consumer. sometimes all buyers can't be consumers but sometimes all buyers can become consumers.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

personal loan process in india

                            personal loan process in India


                                               loan process listed below:

        In India number of people randomly increased to apply personal loan for full-filling their needs, personal loan contains some steps which are so important need to be fallowed.
1.Need to work in organization at least 3 months salary statement need to be enclosed

 2.In case of Business man need to show their bank transactions and giving the details of business 

3. Photos,residential proof,pan card which are so essential loan process. Eligibility and Verification process to grant personal loan:
a) The loan provider think whether the person can re-pay capability within the duration or not.
b) whether his salary support his EMI (EVERY MONTH INSTALLMENT)
 C) Whether he works in reputed organization d) track record of the person, whether he paid previous loans successfully so this will give confidence to the providers to grant the loan.

how culture bring changes


Every product of production process has involved an art of a nation, in fact every nation has their own art to manufacture same nature of product or services so it shows differentiation in production process or cultivation process whatever it may be,it has been directly or indirectly involved culture and tradition of a country.

how you achieve targets

Every Jobholder or worker,employee,labor work for living,arrange for needs and satisfying wants limited. first one is the person who is working initially he has to learn subject whatever he learned during the training or classroom that will be considers as knowledge. The second one is skills, the person who gained knowledge during the classroom or training then execution is necessary that is called implementation then the person can become as skilled professional employee or labor or worker. the third one is the person who has both knowledge and skills then the person has scope to gain experience the fourth one is the person who got sufficient experience in his/her field then the person can become master on his work even called as genius. the above stages are very much important on office or factory so the levels can be done every organization enhancing the profit of the organization.

buying positions in the market

Buying a product and service is very important for any buyer before buying any product or service you need to plan and know the buying positions, Identifying number of competitors and no of buyers for Identifying future buying positions in the market.

Monday, June 9, 2014

impact of managerial economics

                        impact of managerial economics

           Managerial economics  has strong impact on every organization,  human resource are so essential in the organization because every individual contributes something towards organization and how effectively and efficiently use limited resources to maximize profit of the organization.

Research brings your's destination

                      how research brings your destination

A person who has high passion to achieve something or discover something ,new thing so keep on doing and working on concepts seriously to get good results then you get success suddenly even when you don't expect a thing.

                    1) quality of work
                    2) spend more time on relevant concepts
                   3)  analysis and compare different things
                   4) identify  different sources and practical approach
                   5) different alternatives of methods/techniques
                   5) interpretation of data

The above are the things which are commonly necessary to involve different things for reaching research destination.

power of leadership

Leadership is wonderful responsibility to lead all his followers, there are different styles of leadership styles 1.DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP STYLE ( A leader invite all followers for involve decision making 2.AUTOCRATIC LEADERSHIP STYLE ( A leader command all his followers to get a work) 3.LEA-SEIZE LEADERSHIP STYLE ( A leader can give freedom to do a work and get result)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

plan your activities

every one must fallow in order to achieve success of any activity or event, fallowing management functions are so essential. 1.PLANNING 2.ORGANIZING 3.CO-COORDINATING 4.CONTROLLING 5.COMMANDING 6.STAFFING

signifinace of planning

                                     role of planning

Planning is so important for every activity and every event, Whatever activity you may do ,if there is plan there will be channel of execution, before doing any activity we must make a proper planning to get success of any activity or event.

 Planning is just spending time on particular task and event so correct guidance is required when want to do certain major activities and events, without experience some cases not going to work well and leads failure, whether you want to conduct function/event/activity then time management is very essential for successfully conducting the event.  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

organization styles comparison


organization refers a group of people work to achieve common goal of an organization. they are so many types of organizations 1. Line organization  (military organization) 2. Line & staff organization 3. Matrix organization (project organization) 4. geographical organization 5. functional organization 6. product organization 7.cellular organization 8. chain organization 9. pyramid organization

              every organization like to be different from other organization so modern methods and techniques are involved to find out  relevant organization which  suits to them . 

how do you design your portfolio

How would like to design your portfolio, here is the answer for you. let me start with "PORTFOLIO" portfolio means is the combination of assets, combination assets consists different investment instruments such as follows 1.venture capital
2.equity shares
3. debentures
 4. commodities such as (gold,sliver etc)
 5. buildings
 6. plant
 7. bank deposits
8. bonds
9. treasury bills 10.commercial papers
 generally investments can be done majorly two markets listed below investment market
 A) Primary market B) secondary market
primary means is new issue market or first issue market such as IPO's.
secondary market is known as stock market where securities can be traded.

How Investments Choice Made By Investors


Investments are so essential for every individuals because people are like do savings further investments by designing the portfolio (combination of assets), they are so many kind of investments instruments around the world, there are the people who are receiving high profits by investing low amount but at the same time you can find people who are taking low profits or returns by investing high investments, so this purely depending how you consider,
1. Risk factor
2. allocation of fund by doing diversification
3. selecting duration of investments
4. selecting from the best scripts from right category
5. deciding the profit margin at the same time ready to bear loss there are one great formula,
A) the person who takes highest risk = possibility gain either high return high loss
 B) the person who takes lowest risk = possibility gain either low return or low loss examples for the above (A) investing venture capital (investing new innovative project works) buying equity shares. examples for the above
 (B) Bank deposits debentures commercial papers Bonds.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Needs Vs Wants

               how needs must be different from wants

In everyone has to think in two ways one is Needs and another one is Wants, many people has aspirations and dreams to accomplish and achieve selected targets but one may achieve or may not achieve the targets at least they need to full-fill needs which are so essential for survival so needs must be essential one in every individual life.

identify your skills

                              identify your worthy skills

Identify your skills is the key for success because every one has different skills but most of the situations people can:t recognize their skills, people always search more number of jobs not based upon their interests and passions but they will apply different jobs then it leads to dissatisfaction.

                   1) one need to have keen concentration their interests and activities
                   2) identifying major activities and preferences.
                   3) contributing more time on relevant concepts
                   4) try to adopt such a new things in the market on related concepts
                   5) try to execute such a different things on related concepts
                   6) checking the abilities and weak areas
                   7) need to do some modifications
                   8) achieving the destination
                   9) accomplishing new things on related concepts and spending time on research
                 10) way for innovations and creation will be started

Monday, June 2, 2014

self awareness gives maximum fruits

Every individual has to think before going to bed everyday so self awareness gives maximum scope to where you are? what you are ? what you suppose to do? and understand and estimating future aspects.
 so let's you can try it in this areas.